We all worked with ContinueWith() method but there are some interesting and useful facts we should be aware of. First of all lets remember what is Continuation regarding the Tasks. When we looking for this definition in MSDN , we see following:< Creates a continuation that executes asynchronously when the target Task completes.

Lately i was experienced a rough and kinda intense period: a lot of things required my nearly immediate attention and response. It came simultaneously from different life aspects: academic (MSC degree), personal, family, organizational and etc. Neither i was prepared for such pressure, nor i had an idea how to handle all this.  

Since then GV is one of the large investors in new ventures with $1.2 billion budget. In a list of the projects invested by GV , we can find Astrid (acquired by Yahoo), Parse (acquired  by Facebook), The Climate Corporation (NASDAQ: FMI) and many others. GV provides seed, venture, and growth-stage funding to the best companies — not strategic investments for Google.