In past i being asked a lot in different variation of this same question : public class SaladIngridient { } public class FruitSaladSaladIngridient : SaladIngridient { } public class Salad { public virtual void WhatSaladAreYou(SaladIngridient ingridient) { Console.WriteLine(“Salad with with {0}”, ingridient); } } public class FruitSalad: Salad { public override void WhatSaladAreYou(SaladIngridient ingridient) {… Continue Reading

This tutorial introduce setup process for scheduled tasks in New Relic tool.  This tutorial assume that New Relic .NET agent is installed and running. First of all we need to locate file called “CustomInstrumentation.xml”. Usually it can be found under “_installation_path_\New Relic\.NET Agent\Extensions” folder. If this file does not exist, please create one. The content should be… Continue Reading

We all worked with ContinueWith() method but there are some interesting and useful facts we should be aware of. First of all lets remember what is Continuation regarding the Tasks. When we looking for this definition in MSDN , we see following:< Creates a continuation that executes asynchronously when the target Task completes.