There is a lot of interesting projects funded on Kickstarter. Today we will review some ambitious project which related to the electronic circuits.

When some person wants to create electronic circuit, he requires some special electronic parts such as transistors, capacitors, diodes and breadboardin order to test vitality of the design.

Analisa Russo from Electroninks Incorporated looked the way for creating low-cost, high-quality electronics that can be used for educational purposes as well as for life hacking or any other creative process. Analisa developed Circuit Scribe as part of her PhD work in Illinois University.

So what is that Circuit Scribe we talking about ? Actually it is a roller-ball pen that writes with conductive non-toxic, water-based silver ink. It allows to create clear smooth ink lines on the paper. A pen is drying instantly and has no smell .

Another great attribute of this project is that it is an Open-Source project. It allows to use Circuit Scribe with Arduino, Makey Makey, and many other electronic platforms.

So why Kickstarter ? Since the authors of this projects wants to make it affordable to many people, they need to manufacture Circuit Scribe at a large scale. Another reason is to build an online education portal for Circuit Scribe. It will be relevant platform for kids, educators, & makers with activities, lesson plans, and user-submitted projects.

Interesting fact that project’s goal was at $85,000.Till now project funded on Kickstarter more then $670,000 !

Source : KickStarter

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