Giant Robot Duel between America and Japan

There is something interesting going on. Era of giant fighting robots has began! If you saw movie “Real Steal“, that what i am talking about. Guys in Megabots in USA decided to giant big robot and challenge the Japanese guys for competition. So guys from Suidobashi Heavy Industry responded and demanded melee combat.

The idea is to create giant human-piloted robot that with highly survival skills which able handle multiton punches and other fun stuff. From what it seems, american robot has 2 seats: probably one for control robot itself and the other one to control a melee system.

Megabots took a smart move and created kickstarter campaign. In order to upgrade the robot, goal of $500 has been set. As per publication of this post, sum of $554,592 has been raised and it looks like its going to raise even more!

Now when they raise more than $500k , this is what expected to happen from upgrades perspective:

“Meeting our $500,000 goal means that we get to seriously overhaul the Mk.II. We’ll build the ridiculously cool weapon systems you see in our concept art, add the shock-mounted steel armor we need to survive multi-ton punches, beef up our hydraulic actuators to handle the additional weight of our armor and weapons, upgrade our power unit to provide 5x the horsepower to handle the additional power demands of our new hydraulic system, and then work with Howe & Howe Technologies to build a custom track base replacement that’ll make us 5x faster than we are now – which will end up making us 2x faster than KURATAS!”

Hopefully this idea can launch new global robotics sport as well as pushing forward robotics industry.