Inspiration and creativity

On my opinion, inspiration is related directly to the creativity. When inspired, person feels less limitations than in regular situations and it can allow him to see daily basis routine just in different way.

Inspiration bring with itself a mix of great and healthy feeling which can vary from person to person. For someone it is calm, happiness, ability to see ordinal thing in more wide spectrum. For other it can bring energy, willing to create or try different thing he is never tried before!Be optimistic can lead us directly to the inspiration which actually part of creativity. There is no creativity, if non inspiration is involved!On my opinion inspiration is state of mind that have a great influence on our mood, point of view, how we see surroundings or how we react to the external factors.

So it lead us to the next challenge: how we constantly reproduce inspiration ?

I see following ways to keep our inspiration (of course it is very personal):

1. Listen music that make you happy. It does not really matter what music it is. The key is, it does make you feel great!

2. Surround yourself with those kind of people. Let sad and crying people disappear from your life. Connect to happy and active people. Collaborate. Sometimes their look or smile or small talk will give you push to the right direction.

3. Be proactive. Turn TV/PC off. Go walk on the fresh air. Any routine action we produce, put us on specific track were we stop thinking and doing mechanical actions. Stop live by inertia.

4. Do something different/exceptional. It means be also open minded! To think different, to considerate, to take view of another person.

What are your ways ?

I am sure there are a lot of others ways to constantly reproduce inspiration. I wanted just to show some point 🙂 So be keep your inspiration back on track and always stay  creative !

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