PowerUp – Kickstarter project

Looks like sometimes simple idea may become very popular and provide larger income that author can imagine to himself. This is exactly happened to the Shai Goitein, author of Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane on the KickStarter.

As a children we all crafted planes from the paper and hoped that it will fly as far as  possible.  But now just imagine that you paper plane has engine and you have an ability to control it. Sounds to great to be true ? Not with the Shai’s invention !

The idea behind the project is simple but still brilliant: Shai created Smart Module” that attached to the paper plane with the patented clips. Then you need to synchronize it with your phone. Simple as that !

Among supported mobile you can find IOS and Android 4.3 or higher.

Project raised $1.2M which $50.000 which may imply that a lot of us are just grown children 🙂

Link to project

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