Looking back on 2015

There is no better time to sum up 2015 then now. This was a really great year from a lot of different perspectives, and I will try to make an annual summary for me, and for you all too, of course and i”ll keep it short 🙂

Trips abroad:

I have visited a lot of foreign countries this year; I was impressed by the great architecture in Vienna, had fun at Universal Studios in Singapore, and enjoyed the local food in Budapest, right before Christmas.

Local trips:

Looking back, I recall myself on a lot of trips, picnics, birthday parties, standup shows and social events. This year, we tried escape rooms and the whole concept around it! My wife and I visited many wineries and tasted A LOT of wine 🙂

Career and work:

Just like last year, I am a development team leader with the responsibilities of project manager. My primary goal was to shape my managerial skills and channel them to become a better leader. I avoided just requesting the completion of the different assignments, instead I turned myself into a part of the process. I practiced changing the word “you” into “we”. I learn to analyze and draw conclusion from both success and failure, as well as stand behind my decisions.

In addition, I had a couple of business trips to some interesting and expensive countries with wonderful people I learnt a lot from!

Then I joined a Google Cloud event, in an attempt to keep up with all these new technologies that pop up every year.


I tried to focus on photography, but my work, family and graduate degree are keeping me from my brand new mirrorless camera – maybe next year 🙂