NFC Ring

NFC technology is a data exchange format and based on existing radio frequency-identification (RFID) technology. RFID have a wide usage mostly among companies that working with a bulk of products on a daily basis.

Among them is a Wal-Mart,Target,United States Department of Defense  and many others. NFC builds upon RFID systems by allowing two-way communication between endpoints, where earlier systems such as contactless smart cards were one-way only. Wikipedia

John McLear -inventor of NFC Ring

John McLear decided to run campaign on kickstarter in order to fund his new project related to the NFC technology.  The idea of the project is sharing information in an easy and fun way, by the special ring. NFC Ring has two inlays, public and private. NFC Ring has 2 sensors (1 for public use and another for private use) and have no need to be charged.

As such it can be used to various daily tasks: unlock smartphone that supporting NFC, locks or unlock NFC doors. Ring allows to share links to web sites or WIFI passwords or even contact information.

Software that comes with NFC Ring is open source, meaning you able to create programs or application for your own use.

Kickstarter crowd funding model proved itself for many successful projects that chose it as alternative to the angels and VCs. In case of John he sets £30,000 as a goal, but succeeded to rise £240,000.

Project on kickstarter.

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