Perception shift

Lately i was experienced a rough and kinda intense period: a lot of things required my nearly immediate attention and response. It came simultaneously from different life aspects: academic (MSC degree), personal, family, organizational and etc. Neither i was prepared for such pressure, nor i had an idea how to handle all this.

At that point i have discovered “task priority” which is one of the vital tools that allowed to me to define, which task is more important at this specific moment, how many percentage of my attention i going to consecrate to this specific task. Which task is next.

As a result, big bunch of unsolvable problems were divided to the single tasks with priorities, allowing me to maximize my focus on tasks solutions, rather than of feeling of epic failure. To save the story, it was a happy end after all  🙂

In the middle of whole process there was something that “hit” me – “I should change my attitude regarding the  problems”.

So far i following assumptions (assumptions that i formulated for myself):

Problems are good

Problems makes our skills grow up. The idea is that when you handle some problem, you get more life experience. You point of view is changing and you may see the problem from a wider perspective. Experience you gained though your problems is not fictional ( like in TV programs) but your’s own. And it it real.

Treat problem as a challenge

The problem should be treated in a the manner of task or challenge. Same idea, different approach.When a problem  defined as a problem, we subconsciously relate with them some negative energy. Challenge from another hand sounds completely different and it may push you toward a solution.

Think positive

Think positive. Behave positive. Be positive.Positive attitude helps you interpret less nice moment to the positively. Add some humor when helps to stay positive. Don’t be sarcastic – be positive!

Depending on how you pass your “test” (i.e. handled with the specific challenge), ability to recognize your weak sides, ability to analyze how improve yourself in next challenges will define your nature maturity.

All above its just my personal experience and express my private point of view based on my own experience.

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