Digital Photography – my new hobby

These days I am exciting about digital photography and everything around it! Apparently, digital photography is more then just shooting in preset mode, more then expensive equipment and more then fancy word.

It’s all about to create, to express, to designate emotions, to distinguish between. Its more then just to shoot because there are a lot of apects to understand before: light, exposition, field of depth and its only beginning. It does matter what equipment you have, but more important is who standing behind it.

So after such impressive entry 🙂 i going to announce about digital photography as my new hobby (expensive one). After playing almost three weeks with friend’s DSL Canon A550 and shooting at day and night i have realized that is definitely going to be my next passion.

I had luck to shoot a bit with my old friend Antonio Zaribi, which is professional portrait and fashion photographer and got a lot of useful tips and advises. But most important for me was, he succeed to passionate me with his vision and drive about photography! Thank you very much Antonio, you very unusual and passionate man!

Author: Antonio Zaribi
Author: Antonio Zaribi

Almost a month i been watching an enormous amount of tutorials and courses about digital photography and i quite like it. In parallel i was looking for my new toy as for beginner, although the fact that i interested in advanced camera. I have compared a lot of great cameras and finally i have decided to run with Sony Alpha A6000 which is great mirror-less camera that should suit my needs.

It’s great time for me to comprehend in depth all secrets of digital photography in order to start  producing great results, but meanwhile you can take a look for couple of photos i shot for my very first time when i was shooting at manual mode. So don’t be so judgable 🙂








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