Simple examples in DART

A week ago i was looking to make some project of mine and it led me somehow to the Dart. At my opinion, the best way to get familiar with new development lang is to code some small program. So i would like to share three very basic examples i coded

1. Chart Graph

The usage is very simple: you provide data and colors for each data. Data is numbers (like you see on the picture), colors is color for each data respectively.

2. Clock Widget which looking like following :

The idea behind this clock was that inner arc represent hour, medium arc represent  minutes and the most external represent seconds. Each arc “closing” its radius (0 – 360 degrees)  and then arc disappear and starting again. Inside we can see running clock. Unlike traditional watch, mine finish its cycle not on the top, but one the right side 🙂

3. Image Filter

Here i playing with pixels. A little bit  tricky for understanding. Important to mention that each pixel represented by 4 params: R,G,B,alfa.

The reason i publishing it, is that for someone it can give a little boost in the Dart. Anyway any comments are welcomed.

All examples working for M5 dart version!

All examples can downloaded it from here. Good luck 🙂

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